By Katie On

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These are days of insecurity and violence in the Muslim world.

And yet our God is at work. It is His heart to bring Muslims into the knowledge of His love and grace.

Let us respond with bold faith, praying that God’s redemptive purposes would be fulfilled among Muslims.

Moreover, let us audaciously ask God to extend His arm of salvation to members of ISIS.

Pray for ISIS is a 30-day campaign to corporately embrace God’s heart for the Muslim world, asking Him to bring members of ISIS into the knowledge of His love and grace.

In this guide you will find scripture, stories, photos, videos, and suggestions for ways to pray.

The guide is divided into three sections:

  • Days 1-10: Praying according to the life of Paul and asking God to transform lives.
  • Days 11-20: Praying through the fruits of the Spirit.
  • Days 21-30: Praying for groups affected by and involved by ISIS.

No one is too far from God—not even members of ISIS.

Join us as we audaciously pray—Reveal Yourself, and start with the ‘Sauls’ of ISIS!

May God give you His love and His heart for ISIS members during these 30 days of prayer.

Special Thank You

To all the churches and worship artists that freely share your content online, thank you. Because of you, this prayer guide is more than just words on a screen.

Elevation Church
Willow Creek Community Church
Jesus Culture
Woodridge Church
Aaron Keyes
Chelsea Moon
Chris Tomlin
Church On The Move
Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes
Bethel Music
New Wine Worship
Jeremy Camp
Darlene Zschech

Pray for ISIS is inspired by a collaborative effort from workers on the field. Content has been used and adapted with permission from the authors.

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