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In Days 1-10

“Go.” One syllable, a basic action. Yet one of the most dangerous, faith-building exercises a follower of Jesus can face.

We are not to be a timid voice, a quiet church, or a background collective. We follow where God leads. Our Father loves for us to be led by Him, and He desires all people to find Him. We can find confidence in trusting Him as the Good Shepherd and obeying His commands.

“Go,” God told Ananias. His servant obeyed.

So Ananias departed and entered the house. – Acts 9:17

Pray that God would raise up believers like Ananias to go and share the hope of Jesus to ISIS members. The risk was real for Ananias but God sent him to Saul for a purpose and with a promise. Pray that God would clearly direct believers to go to those whom He has chosen out of ISIS. May God remove their fear and use them for His glory.

Pray for the “Sauls” in ISIS, that God would prepare their hearts to welcome His messengers and receive His message.

“Ananias goes to Saul, delivers the Lord’s message, then leaves. We as the readers of scripture, never hear of him again.”

Are you willing to be faithful—like Ananias—to find the modern-day Pauls who will reach Muslims with the Gospel? Read more in Finding Ananias.