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In Days 21-30

ISIS acquires resources much as a criminal organization would. Its revenue is generated not only from donations but also through kidnapping, extortion, and smuggling. Perhaps its largest smuggled resource is oil from the fields that lie within its current sphere of control.

But all silver and gold, and every vessel of bronze and iron, are holy to the Lord; they shall go into the treasury of the Lord. – Joshua 6:19

Pray that all the resources of ISIS would “go into the treasury of the Lord” and be used for the glory of God. Pray that stolen oil fields, robbed banks, and the millions of dollars acquired by other means would be redeemed to spread His fame. Pray that the resource routes in Iraq and Syria would be used to advance His Kingdom. May God use the systems in place to spread the Gospel like fire from one region to the next.

ISIS has a strong social media presence, including its own magazine called Dabiq, a Facebook account, and thousands of Twitter accounts.

Pray that these avenues for recruitment would become means for sharing the Gospel. Pray that Jesus would be exalted through each of these channels.


The Victory!

During the past 30 days we have prayed and waited on God for His victory to come within ISIS. He hears our prayers and He is faithful to answer.

Proclaim over ISIS and the Middle East: The Lord is Victorious!

No one knows how the violence erupted in the neighborhood. The police attempted to bring order with a lockdown and curfew that lasted for weeks. But that didn’t stop Ahmed, a new follower of Jesus, from going out and preaching the Gospel.

“I have good news that you have no idea about,” he told others who found themselves confined in the neighborhood. Read how this turned into a movement towards Jesus in Riots Spark a Movement.

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