About Frontiers


More than 30 years ago, Frontiers became one of the first mission organizations in the world solely focused on reaching unengaged Muslims with the love of Christ. Today, we continue to inspire transformational movements in the Muslim world by sending teams of people just like you.

However, despite these efforts, we continue to bear witness to horrendous social injustices taking place in regions where Muslims live. As we watch radical terror cells—such as ISIS—unleash violence in the Middle East, our fears begin to lead us to believe that transformation is a hopeless cause, even though we claim to have the hope of the world.

Now is a critical time for Muslim societies. This as an unprecedented opportunity to pray for transformation and the eradication of some of the world’s most horrific injustices.

How will you respond? Will you answer the call to pray radically for the Muslim world, even for the redemption and salvation of members of ISIS?

Join us at Pray for ISIS as we ask God to fulfill His redemptive purposes in the Muslim world—beginning with the Sauls of ISIS.